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SemWiki2008 – The Wiki Way of Semant.css
Subevent of ESWC2008
Start 2 June 2008 (iCal)
End 2 June 2008
Homepage: Homepage
City: Costa Adeje, Tenerife
Country: Spain
Important dates
Papers due: 5 March 2008
Notification: 4 April 2008
Camera ready due: 18 April 2008
Event in series SemWiki

SemWiki2008, a Semantic Wiki workshop, took place at ESWC2008 (June 1 to 5, 2008, Costa Adeje, Tenerife, Spain). This page is kept for archiving purposes. For up-to-date information about the workshop, please go to the workshop homepage:

SemWiki2008 – The Wiki Way of Semant.css

Data about workshop attendants and submissions will be contributed to Ontoworld, of course :-)


  • A blog post about the workshop including pictures


Workshop organizers[edit]

Program Committee[edit]

Possible submissions[edit]

  • "some updates on my work on semantic wikis" by Davide Eynard
  • massive collaborative editing / p2p wiki Wooki. -- Hala Skaf, France (originally from CSCW community)
  • using SMW to document the semant.css of engineering simulations
  • managing mathematical knowledge and its quite complex markup and interrelations in a semantic wiki (Christoph Lange)
  • Supporting formalization of mathematical proofs (the Flyspeck study) (Christoph Lange)
  • More on Hyena and its wiki as a connected information manager and web site construction kit. -- Axel Rauschmayer
  • I certainly would consider submitting to such workshop, and looking at the ISWC papers I would be surprised if not enough wiki related papers would come together. -- Denny
  • We have a working prototype of our BOWiki, a wiki for biology using a DL-reasoner for consistency checks and queries, and consider presenting something on it. -- Robert Hoehndorf
  • I've been doing work with wiki structures as topic maps. I am more recently calling them "dynamic knowledge gardens" -- Jack Park
  • knowledge-engineering extensions for (semantic) wikis -- Joachim Baumeister
  • using a semantic wiki to help translating wiki content in several languages. I can also present a return from experiences of sweetwiki users we have been following since the last year -- Michael Buffa
  • AceWiki: using controlled natural language for semantic wikis. -- Tobias Kuhn
  • ontology-based wiki structuring and issues with/handling of the dynamic foundation -- Lars Bröcker
  • OntoYlvi - our ontology extension for our semantic wiki Niko Popitsch
  • ... YOU?