SemWiki Meeting ISWC 2008

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SemWiki Meeting ISWC 2008
SemWiki Birds of a Feather Meeting
Subevent of ISWC2008
Start 26 October 2008 (iCal)
End 26 October 2008
City: Karlsruhe
Country: Germany
Event in series SemWiki

There will be an informal meeting of the semantic wiki community as a side-event to ISWC 2008.

Please sign up below.

Core Issues of the Field[edit]

What are the core issues of Semantic Wikis as a research topic? We want to shape the next workshop proposal.

  • collaboration
  • versioning. In fact: easy undoing of mistakes
  • easy linking (consider marketing it as "linked data")
  • from informal to formal data
  • data entry and data usage integrated in the same system
  • users can change schema of app at runtime
  • who contributes? Who contributes to text, annotations, schema?
  • challenge: give people value for the annotations they make (Jim Hendler et al.)
  • please add core top.css which you think should be in the core of the field

Statements from the Workshop[edit]

Here are some other statements that were made during the meeting but are not yet integrated into the list above:

  • Stick to "semantic wiki", don't extend the topic into something arbitrary. Build on the fact that we have a strong community. BTW, the semantic portal people failed to do so; they wanted to be too generic (Jim Hendler)
  • linked data is the hype of now, semantic wiki was the hype of 2006. We can do better marketing; actually a semantic wiki is linked data
    • Daniel: leverage linked data through a semantic wiki interface
  • SMW defines much of the state of the art and defines many directions of future research. A SMW-only workshop has been proposed. But a "semantic wiki" workshop is more, so what else than SMW is there?
  • overcome entrance barriers: Forms? Syntax? Toolbars? WYSIWYG – is it possible? Natural language processing?
  • wikis going towards rapid application development platforms (cf. Daniel's talk)
  • wikis can be used to construct emerging models of knowledge; how to utilize them?
  • wiki offers navigation on top of a model
  • p0rn drives the web; does it also drive the semantic web? (cf. Denny's talk)
    • seriously: business cases for semantic wikis
  • interfaces that utilize structures: queries and visualizations
  • scalability


Suggested: starting at 18:00, i.e. after the conference workshops and tutorials.


University (AIFB, tram stop "Kronenplatz"); room 253

How to get there from the conference:

  • walk (16 minutes, 1.3 km)
  • trams at
    1. 17:35/17:55/18:15 (arrives 17:42/18:02/18:22) - STR 2 to Wolfartsweier Nord
    2. 17:59 (arrives 18:06) - S 14 to Gölshausen
    3. 18:05 (arrives 18:14) - S11 to Neureut Kirchfeld, exit at Herrenstraße (17:10/18:10), change to S 12 to Reitschulschlag Schleife, Hagsfeld
    4. 17:27/18:27 (arrives 17:32/18:32) - S 14 to Heilbronn


Lightning Talks[edit]

Enter your lightning talk here. (Be sure to register first!) Pick a topic from the list of hot top.css below, or choose your own favorite topic.


  • 2 minutes per talk
  • max. 2 slides (or 1 slide with 2 animations ;-)
  • max. 2 minutes discussion

List of talks (not yet in the actual order, just append yours below):

  1. Christoph Lange: Improving knowledge through social interaction using argumentation
  2. Daniel Schwabe : Semantic Wikis and Model-Driven (Semantic) Web Applications
  3. Olivier Rossel : Enhanced web client for a better Semantic Wiki architecture.
  4. Peter Yim : Introducing ONTOLOG - a community dialog in ontology
  5. Li Ding : Semantic Wiki @ RPI

Demo Session[edit]

Be sure to have your laptop with you!

We are trying to get an internet connection, but in case that does not work out, it is better to have a working installation of your system on your computer prepared.

Systems demos (add yours!):

  1. SWiM: mathematical ontologies, argumentative discussions
  2. PMWX: Purple MediaWiki Extension - enabling Fine-Grained Addressability of Wiki Content
  3. [ and Evaluation Workflow support]: Ontology Design Best practices and a SMW extension for supporting evaluation workflows

Open Discussion[edit]

Please suggest top.css here:

  1. Peter Yim: what could we do on the virtual "Semantic Wiki mini-series" that would be of interest?

After-Beers :-)[edit]

Why is this important?

We booked tables for around 20 people in the "Vogelbräu", a brewery offering fine beer and snacks, starting at 21:00 (page in the Karlsruhe city wiki; walking directions)

Hot Top.css[edit]

Here is a list of hot top.css, as discussed in the September Ontolog Semantic Wiki Teleconference:

(as compiled from )

application areas and use cases
  • e-science
    • pharma research & biomedicine, HCLS
    • earth and space science
    • education
      • Teaching, Learning, Knowledge Sharing
  • vertical domains like HCLS in general
  • develop set of use cases
knowledge representation
  • expressivity vs. simplicity/usability
  • what dialects of OWL are usable in wikis
  • collaborative ontology curation
  • integration of semantic resources with wikis (Protege / OOR / MW / ...)
  • utilizing complex document formats in wikis
  • closed world vs. open world reasoning
  • semantic wikis and mashups
  • how can semantic wikis be integrated with other applications
integrating external data
  • integration with other tools (e.g., blogs)
  • linking wiki content to other apps
  • community building
  • social networking
  • connect knowledge engineering and social interaction,
  • experiences with distributed collaboration
  • explore opportunities for collaboration;
state of the art survey
  • uncover more implementations
  • showcase the state-of-the-art
  • HCI:navigation of large, high-dimensional knowledge spaces
  • recommendation and personalization in semantic wikis,
  • how can semantic wikis support users in their tasks (in contrast to other kinds of technology);
  • Business subject matter experts able to enter, review and validate meaningful information without having to learn any new words
  • unresolved issues
  • content quality,
  • semantic wikis as a social collaborative environment for semantically-enabled applications
  • do a semantic wiki & OOR session
  • ontology management/integration challenges
  • server-side infrastructure to support semantic wikis
  • semantic wikis for "non-experts"
different motivation
the "semantic bazaar" idea
  • combining formal and informal knowledge, dealing with semi-formal knowledge (not just in sem. wikis),
  • stepwise formalization,
  • explaining formal knowledge in informal language
table/form-like wikis
still treating users quite equally, even if behind a firewall


Please add your name here and let us know at what times on Sunday October 26 you would be available.
If you wish to give a lightning talk, please enter it there as well.

  1. Christoph Lange (any time)
  2. Li Ding
  3. Daniel Schwabe (after workshops)
  4. Michael Uschold (after workshops)
  5. Olivier Rossel
  6. Friedel Völker
  7. Heiko Haller (evening)
  8. Peter Yim
  9. Tony Linde (after Incentives workshop, attend only): sorry, cannot now make it
  10. Max Völkel (any time)
  11. Mateusz J. Dworaczek (after workshops, attend only)
  12. Mike Dean (after workshops)
  13. Valentina Presutti (after workshops)
  14. Pavel Smrz (after workshops)
  15. Dave Kolas (after workshops)
  16. David Martin (after workshops, possibly)
  17. Jesse Wang (dropped in. Thank you a lot Mike! This is very informative and interesting!)

Meeting organizers[edit]


The meeting is supported by the following projects


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