Semantic Measures Library

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Semantic Measures Library
at LGI2P
Status: stable
Last release: 0.0.5 (2013/04/04)
License: open source, CeCILL
Language: Java
Affiliation: LGI2P
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The Semantic Measures Library (SML) is a highly tunable open source JAVA library dedicated to the computation and analysis of semantic measures.

The library is generic as it can be used on multiple ontologies/terminologies e.g. Gene Ontology, Medical Subject Headings, SNOMED CT, WordNet, or semantic graphs expressed in RDFS, OWL, OBO languages.

The core developers also maintain the SML-Toolkit, a set of command line tools giving non-developers access to SML functionalities, e.g. to perform large scale computation of semantic measures. Tutorials, downloads and documentation for both the SML and the SML-Toolkit are available at the dedicated website.