Semantic Web Challenge 2006

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Semantic Web Challenge 2006
Semantic Web Challenge 2006
Subevent of ISWC2006
Start November 5 2006 (iCal)
End November 9 2006
City: Athens, Georgia
Country: USA
Important dates
Papers due: July 14, 2006
Notification: August 7, 2006
Camera ready due: August 21, 2006
Event in series Semantic Web Challenge

As usual, the Semantic Web Challenge 2006 has been held in conjunction with ISWC2006.


The winner of the ISWC2006 Semantic Web challenge is <ask default="not yet announced">Semantic Web Challenge 2006</ask>.


The following papers present the finalists of Semantic Web Challenge 2006:

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Semantic Web Challenge 2006


Specific Goal for Semantic Web Challenge 2006[edit]

Everyone from academia and industry is invited to submit applications that illustrate the possibilities of the Semantic Web. The applications should integrate, combine, and deduce information from various sources to assist users in performing specific tasks. The submissions should at least satisfy the minimal requirements for a Semantic Web Application and preferably exhibit some of the additional desires. Although we expect that most applications will use RDF, RDF Schema, and OWL, this is not an official requirement.

Furthermore, Semantic Web applications should be written in a true Web spirit, open to supporting reuse even in situations that have not been foreseen by the original authors. Thus a specific, additional goal of the Semantic Web Challenge 2006 is motivating participants to provide standard compliant web interfaces to the data and services provided by their applications, e.g. in the form of RSS feeds, SPARQL endpoints, REST or Web Services interfaces.


The prizes for the winners will be available as travel support and book vouchers. The winners will also be asked to give a live demonstration of their application at the ISWC 2006 conference. The best applications will also have a chance to appear as full papers in the Journal of Web Semant.css.