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This page provides an overview of current Semantic Web technologies and developments that are found within this wiki. It will develop into a collection of relevant efforts around enabling the Semantic Web in its true web sense.

To add a tool, vocabulary, or ontology, please have a look at the articles listed below. Make a new article for the new entry, and copy the structure of some related article to include the relevant base facts. Use the "refresh" link at the bottom to update this pages view if an entry does not show up as expected.


The following vocabularies and ontologies have articles on

 LanguageSwoogle hits
Dublin CoreRDF1,364,337
FOAFOWL DL1,194,871
Basic Geo VocabularyRDF Schema248,130
RSS 1.0RDF Schema201,786
VCard RDFRDF181,962
Creative Commons metadataRDF Schema112,216
GoodRelationsOWL DL5,000
DOAPRDF Schema1,442
Programmes OntologyOWL 2943
Music OntologyOWL 2646
DILIGENT Argumentation OntologyOWL 21
OpenGUIDRDF Schema1
Provenance VocabularyOWL DL1
Pedagogical diagnosisOWL DL1

See also the UMBC Top 100 of common namespaces


The following formal languages have been entered so far: Attempto Controlled English, C-Sharp, CPlusPlus, Codeco, Fortran77, GRDDL, Internet Business Logic, Java, JavaScript, MashQL, OMDoc, OWL 2, PHP, Perl, Python, RDF, RDF Schema, RDFa, Ruby, SAWSDL, SPARQL, XHTML, XML, XML Schema, XSLT


For an overview of tools in this wiki, see the page Tools.

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