Semantic Wiki Use Cases

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Here are some very simple sample use case of a semantic wiki:

  1. Duplication avoidance - A semantic wiki can 'know' about related concepts and help detect duplicate concepts.
  2. Integrity checks - A semantic wiki could use tags to check the consistency of structures. For example if you are a subclass of a more general concept and the parent is moved or is renamed, your page could be notified.
  3. Metadata registry - A semantic wiki can take the place of a wikipedia:ISO/IEC_11179 ISO/IEC 11179 metadata registry. This would require some template development.
  4. Synonym mapping - Wiki pages could store mappings to other wikis or other ontologies using statements similar to the OWL sameAs property.
  5. Structured search - Because a semantic wiki can add structured tags users can perform more complex searches. For example, a user should be able to ask for all wiki pages about cities in California.