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You know Java, and now You want to use semantic technologies or build semantic web applications? No problem. Thesemweb4j project gives you simple libraries to do complicated things with Java and RDF. Very little semantic web knowledge is required.

Components & Download[edit]

  • RDF2Go - a unified API to access RDF Models
  • RDFReactor - generates convenient Java classes from an RDF Schema. The instances of the generated classes are live views on the RDF model. All get/set/update-calls are directly reflected as changed triples in the RDF model. You can also do SPARQL queries.

For Maven users:

  • Our release-repository lives here: .
  • You can browse all releases, ".dist" are complete distributions

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Lesson 1: RDF Models[edit]

  • What is RDF?
  • How to configure and use a triple store
  • Which triple store to use
  • Add and remove triples
  • Dumping a models content to System.out

Lesson 2: Files and queries[edit]

  • Serialization: Read and write RDF files in different syntaxes
  • Finding: Triple pattern queries
  • Querying: SPARQL queries

Lesson 3: Multiple models[edit]

  • Using mutltiple models
  • What are Named Graphs?
  • How to merge models & more

Lesson 4: RDF Schema[edit]

  • What is RDF Schema?
  • Support for RDF Schema in semweb4j
  • Finding and using an RDF Schema

Lesson 5: Mapping RDF to Java[edit]

  • Generate Java classes from an RDF Schema with RDFReactor