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We have move() but no copy(), because Fuse-J has no copy.

Our streams have a different semant.css than Java streams: We use the offset within the stream, not within the buffer. Reason: Fuse-j.

How to handle a put?

  • WebDAV PUT = createFile / open / write / close
  • createFile must check if the file with the given local name exists already
    • if yes:
      • if same path:
        • overwrite content
      • if different path:
        • compare contents, if same content: retag
        • else: create new resource with unique local name
    • if not: fine.

Test to go to main page, one day[edit]

Disambiguation happens within the local filename, i.e. paper.pdf becomes paper.<hash>.pdf. Further all files, regardless of the tagging, are available under root / or (of configured properly) some other folder /special.all/.

SemFS is likely to offer a web service interface to query the tag information about it's files.