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This page outlines existing compatibilities between triple stores, editors, and programming languages. The goal is to establish a set of ready-for-action tool chains for developers building applications for the semantic web.

Best Options[edit]




Triple Store/Language Compatibility Matrix[edit]

Triple Store Java Python Ruby
4Store  ?  ?
AllegroGraph 3.3  ?  ?
AllegroGraph 4.0  ?  ?  ?
Virtuouso  ?  ?  ?

Triple Store / Editor Compatibility Matrix[edit]

The idea here is that if you're building a web application with a triple store backend, it would be nice to be able to "hand tool" the ontology using a rich editor.

Triple Store Protege TopBraid Composer FE TopBraid Composer SE TopBraid Composer ME
4Store  ?  ?  ?  ?
AllegroGraph 3.3 n n via plugin via plugin
AllegroGraph 4.0  ?  ?  ?  ?
Virtuouso  ?  ?  ?  ?