TopBraid Composer

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TopBraid Composer
Status: stable
Last release: 3.5.2 (2011/06/04)
License: Pay Licensed Closed Source
Language: Java
Affiliation: TopQuadrant

TopBraid Composer TopBraid Composer is an enterprise-class modeling environment for developing Semantic Web ontologies and building semantic applications. Fully compliant with W3C standards, Composer offers comprehensive support for developing, managing and testing configurations of knowledge models and their instance knowledge bases. TopBraid Composer is the leading industrial-strength RDF editor and OWL ontology editor, as well as the best SPARQL tool on the market.

Composer comes in 3 editions: Free (limited free version), Standard and Maestro.

As part of TopBraid Suite, Composer incorporates a flexible and extensible framework with a published API for developing semantic client/server or browser-based solutions that can integrate disparate applications and data sources. Implemented as an Eclipse plug-in, Composer serves as a development environment for TopBraid Ensemble and for all the applications delivered using TopBraid Live.

For a web based ontology and taxonomy editing tool see TopBraid EVN.