WSMX: An Intelligent Repository for Semantic Web Services

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A poster presentation written by Graham Hench, Dieter Fensel, Michal Zaremba, Adina Sirbu and Mick Kerrigan. It was presented at the ESWC2007. It is about Intelligent Repository, Semantic Web Services, Web Service Execution Environment and Service Discovery

[edit] Abstract

Technologies for storing and retrieving Web service descriptions have been under-adopted by industry due to the limited returns gained for adopting them. This paper describes the needs for more intelligent repositories of services that require much less human interaction than existing solutions and give a larger return to enterprises wishing to use them. We contend that intelligent repositories can only be achieved through the addition of semantics to existing Web service technology and argue that the Web Service Execution Environment (WSMX) can be viewed as such an intelligent repository for Web services, that have been described semantically using the Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO).

This data has been imported from the ESWC2007 RDF

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