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  • WIF Ontology
  • Studienarbeit, Andreas Kurz: "Integration von Wiki-Inhalten - Entwurf und Implementierung einer Schnittstelle zur Verarbeitung der Inhalte von Wiki-Seiten", 19.12.2006 am AIFB (download pdf) - defines the current spec, details about API (German)
  • WSR3 - current discussion
  • see also: STIF

WIF in a nutshell[edit]

WIF is the lowest common denominator of wiki content exchange. WIF defines a subset of XHTML as an over-the-wire format for wiki content exchange. A WIF API is supposed to extract WIF from a wiki and be able to insert WIF in the desired wiki syntax back into the wiki.

 structure:       <html>, <head>, <title>, <body>

 headlines:       <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>

 block elements:  <p>, <pre>, <hr> 

 lists:           <dl>, <dd>, <dt>, <ol>, <ul>, <li>

 tables:          <table>, <tr>, <th>, <td>

 inline elements: <i>, <b>, <sub>, <sup>, <tt> --> consider using <em>, <strong>, <sub>, <sup>, <code>

 images:          <img> with attribute ’src’, 

 links:           <a> with attribute ’href’

All other elements and attributes are excluded from WIF, which means WIF importers are not required (but allowed) to handle them. They are supposed to ignore all unknown tags.

See also[edit]

Related Work

  • RFC1896 defines text/enriched, also like simplified HTML


At the WikiSym 2005 in San Diego, a Wiki Standardisation Request for a Wiki Interchange Format was started. Max became the spec lead of the WSR3. Many people have contributed since then. There was an open space session dedicated to WIF at the WikiSym2006.


  • An API for Java is under development, current snapshot can found in WIF SVN.
  • Discussion about WIF is still going on.
  • WIF is refined into a more general STIF

Related Work[edit]